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Will I need a VISA to fly to Cyprus if and after Brexit happens?

Due to the popular uncertainty, we cannot confirm as to what the procedure will be. Nonetheless we are confident that tourism arrangements such as visas will be made easily available for British tourists trying to visit EU countries for holidays as they did prior to 2016. Yet this is only our assumption, so you must look up the or contact the Cyprus embassy for more reassuring information. Please ensure that you sort your travel arrangements with enough time, as we will not be held liable if you are not able to attend due to visa issues.

Will I need a VISA if I don’t have a UK passport?

As an EU member, all EU passports have freedom of movement in Cyprus. If your passport is neither Brittish or European, you will have to contact your own embassy or Consulate and/or the Cyprus embassy to find out whether you can fly visa free or you indeed need to pay for one. Please ensure that you sort your travel arrangements with enough time, as we will not be held liable if you are not able to attend due to visa issues.

Can I get into the events with confirmation of my ticket order/purchase?

No, you will ONLY have access to the events with the official Nights In Napa wristband, which you will get, provided that your ticket has been paid in full.

I bought an instalment type ticket, how can I make my future payments?

Once you pay for a deposit, you will receive an automatic email with an Order Reference Number confirming the order you have made. This email will contain a “make payment” option so you will have to click on it and follow some very simple steps to continue paying for your ticket.

I bought a ticket for me and my friends, but it’s only asking for one person’s personal details.

Eventcube will only require the details of the person making the booking. If you are booking for you and someone else, your details will suffice but you must be aware that the paying of instalments becomes your responsibility as only you will receive the confirmation email which is needed to make further payments, consequently you can pay in your friends behalf. If you are buying a ticket for someone else (e.g. a friend without a debit card or a gift) you should put the personal details of the person whose ticket is meant to be. If you are buying a Platinum Package for you and your friends, your own passport details will suffice when making the booking, but you should contact us ASAP at to provide us with your friends’ passport details so we can check them in for their flights!

I bought a ticket but I can no longer come. Can I sell it or transfer it to some else?

Yes you can, for a limited period of time though. You must inform us immediately of any changes in the ticket holder personal details or the person you transfer the ticket to may not be able to redeem it for a wristband. If you are selling an instalment type ticket, the new owner of the ticket carries the commitment to keeping up with the payment plan. At some point, closer to the date of the holiday, we will announce that this option will no Ionger be available, so make sure you make up your mind as early as possible!

What are Open Bar and Open Bar+?

All the tickets come with Open Bar. This means that at a few select events, open bar hours or happy hours will be available for everyone to enjoy.

Open Bar+ is a premium add on to the Platinum and VIP packages. This means that aside from the already happy hours granted by Open Bar, you will also have access to extra hours of unlimited drinking and Pre-drinks for events. Trust us in this one, it is DEFINITELY worth the extra money.

Are these packages ATOL protected?

Yes. Only flight including packages are subject to ATOL protection so only the Platinum package is.

I bought a ticket in full/finished paying my installments, what happens now?

We will prepare your Nights In Napa wristband and make sure you obtain it in time so you can attend the events.

Are the prices shared or per person?

All of the prices we quote are per person, so each member of the group has to pay their deposits and instalments individually.

How do we make sure we are put on the same apartment/flight?

When you pay your deposit, we will ask you to state the names of all the other people in your group. This way we are able to match you guys and put you on the same flights and apartments.

How will I receive all my travel information?

All information will be communicated via e-mail, text and phone calls. Gold and Platinum package holders will be sent flight and accommodation details at least one month before the departure date to ensure there is sufficient time to prepare.

If I purchase a Platinum Package, what is my baggage allowance?

We operate with low-cost airlines in order to provide such affordable prices. Therefore, your baggage allowance is limited to 1 cabin bag of 10kg per person.

Can we increase our baggage allowance?

Please email us on and we will do our best to liaise with the flight provider and obtain a quote for you to pay for extra baggage space.

We are a group of more than 4 people, how can we find an apartment our size?

We advise that you split your group into more than one apartment. If there’s less than 4 people in your second (or any subsequent apartment after the first one) you may be charged a bit extra to make up for the total payment that would have been split amongst 4 (E.g. If you are a group of 8, you can get 2 apartments, however if you are 6, the spare 2 people would have to occupy a second apartment and pay a bit extra).

If you have imperative reasons to all be placed together (E.g. you want a villa or a very big apartment), we advise you to use our Book Accomodation service, source it yourself or email and our customer service team will be happy to help you with this matter, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I am purchasing a Silver Package, what area should I source my apartment at?

We advise to you use our Book Accomodation to find a wide selection of affordable apartments and hotels in the area where the events will take place

I am purchasing a Gold/Silver Package, what airport should I fly to?

We advise that you book your flights to Larnaca Airport.

Can I pay for the package in one unique payment?

Yes, you can make one payment if you do not want to pay instalments. You can do this for all packages, but the deadline for one-off package payments for the Platinum and Gold packages is on the 31st January. The deadline for the single payment for the Silver Package is the 24th April.

If I pay my deposit or instalments but I change my mind about going, are tickets refundable?

None of the payments or tickets are refundable.

I bought an instalment type ticket, what happens if I default on my instalment payments?

By purchasing an instalment type ticket you are committing to following the payment plan schedule provided by us. Late payment fees may be added to your booking if you miss the instalment deadlines, and these will have to be cleared fully before you can redeem your ticket and get your event’s wristband.

If we pay our deposits or instalments but one of the members in the group drops out and doesn’t pay any further instalments, what can we do?

We operate on a no refunds policy. If there are any changes in your group size please inform us immediately by emailing us to We will consider your situation and work out the best option for you to complete your payments and enjoy your holiday.